OUCH! by MR.E.

OUCH! by MR.E.

Friday, June 27, 2014

FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE: THE FINAL TERROR (1983) John Friedrich Daryl Hannah Rachel Ward Adrian Zmed Ernest Harden Jr.

THE FINAL TERROR (also known as Campsite Massacre, Bump in the Night and The Forest Primeval) is a 1983 slasher film directed by Andrew Davis, Produced by Joe Roth, Written by Jon George, Neill D. Hicks, and Ronald Shusett.

It stars John Friedrich (Dennis Zorich), Rachel Ward (Margaret), Daryl Hannah (Windy Morgan), Adrian Zmed (Marco Cerone), Ernest Harden Jr. (Nathaniel Hines), Lewis Smith (Boone), Joe Pantoliano (Eggar), Akosua Busia (Vanessa), Mark Metcalf (Mike), Cindy Harrell (Melanie), Irene Sanders (Sammie), Richard Jacobs (Mr. Morgan), Donna Pinder (Mrs. Morgan), Jim Youngs (Jim), Lori Butler (Lori), and Tony Maccario (Eggar's Mother).

A young couple loses control of their motorbike and fall to the ground, Jim is badly hurt, and Lori runs to find some help. She finds an abandoned cabin but no one is there. She runs back to Jimmy where she finds him dead hanging upside down from a tree, terrified she runs back to the cabin. While running, she steps on a trap full of sharp objects, killing her.


Weeks later, a group of campers arrive at the forest where the killings happened. The campers include Dennis, Margaret, Windy, Marco, Nathaniel, Boone, Eggar, Vanessa, Mike and Melanie. The group makes a clearing in the forest and gather supplies, and spend the night around a bonfire. They wake up early in the morning but Marco and Eggar are missing.

The boys search for him and the others search nearby the camp. Mike takes a swim and Melanie follows him. While having sex, Mike is stabbed by a strange creature, Melanie screams in terror while watching him die.


Nathaniel and Dennis find the abandoned cabin and an old grave. Dennis enters the cabin and Nathaniel hears Dennis scream and enters to be attacked by what he thinks is a strange old lady, but it is Dennis trying to scare him. They find some things inside the house that are being used and new. They take some of the things and food. While opening the cabinet they find the severed head of a wolf. Shaken, they head back to the camp.

That night, while sleeping, Margaret is attacked by the strange creature. She confesses hysterically what she saw to the other campers. The campers hear a strange noise and pursue the source only to find Marco, who has returned to the camp. Vanessa gets angry at the guys for scaring the girls and walks off alone. She finds the old outhouse and enters, and Mike's severed head falls on her, causing her to panic and scream.


Nathaniel and the rest of the group come to her aid, then start a search for Melanie. They decided to spend the night in the camp. In the morning they go to the cabin to try to capture the man who killed Mike. Unbeknownst to the group, Melanie is down in the basement with the killer. They see a hand in a jar and flee. They raft along the river, unknowingly the creature is following them. The creature throws the dead body of Melanie in the boat causing chaos.

Burying Melanie near the river, The group continues onto the end of the river and find their empty, broken-down bus. They decide to spend the night there, but the creature attacks the bus. The creature gets inside but the group escape out the back door.


Windy gets separated and lost, and ends up stabbed by the creature on her neck. The remaining group hears her scream and follows her. She is badly hurt and bleeding, so Dennis and Marco decide to go back to the bus to get first aid. The group again tries to search for the way out of the forest.

The group gathers supplies and camouflage themselves. Dennis climbs one of the highest trees, where he sees the long missing Marco, who was searching for Eggar. When Eggar appears, he begins to strangle Marco. The group attacks Eggar, suspecting he was the one who killed Mike and Melanie, but the real creature appears.


While Dennis is watching the rest of the group fight it comes from behind and cuts him off at his ankles, making him fall from the cliff, killing him.

The creature rises up and screams, revealing to be Eggar's long lost mother. As she walks down to confront the group, she steps on one of the traps, killing her. Eggar appears to be devastated. Now, the survivors - Margaret, Windy, Vanessa, Nathaniel, Boone, and Marco watch in horror as Eggar's mother hangs dead in the trap.


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