OUCH! by MR.E.

OUCH! by MR.E.

Friday, January 24, 2014


From Beijing With Love (1994; Chinese: 國產凌凌漆 "Gwok chaan Ling Ling Chi;" literal translation: "Made in China [Domestic Produced] 007"; 凌凌漆 is a homophone for the numbers "007" in Chinese) is a Hong Kong made action comedy that spoofs James Bond movies. It grossed $37,523,850 in Hong Kong alone.

Directed by Lee Lik-Chi and Stephen Chow; it stars Chow as Ling Ling Chat, Anita as Sui Kam, Law Kar-Ying as Dat Man Xi (Leonardo da Vinci), category III porn star Pauline Chan as Mystery Woman, and Joe Cheng as Metal Mouth. Yu Rong Guang appears as the super agent 002 in the opening sequence.

Chow with Anita Yuen
Joe Cheng and Pauline Chan

After graduating in an artist training course of TVB, Stephen Chow Sing-Chi starred in TV series such as "The Justice of Life", and "The Final Combat." In 1988, his performance in Danny Lee's "Final Justice" he was received Best Supporting Actor at the 25th Golden Horse Awards. Chow is known for his unique type of "non-sensible humor" (mo lei tau); and is frequently supported by slapstick sidekick Ng Man Tat.

Chow's 60+ filmography includes such blockbusters as Dragon Fight (1989) with Jet Lee (and filmed in San Francisco), buddy cops Curry and Pepper (1990) with Jackie Cheung, All for the Winner (1990) with Sharla Cheung, God of Gamblers II (1991) with Andy Lau,  the Fight Back to School trilogy with Cheung Man, Anita Mui, and Anthony Wong, Tricky Brains (1991) with Rosamund Kwan, Royal Tramp and its sequel (both 1992) with Brigitte Lin and Chingmy Yau, The Mad Monk (1993) with Maggie Chung, Flirting Scholar (1993) with Gong Li, Love on Delivery (1994) with Christy Chung, A Chinese Odyssey Parts One and Two (both 1995; for part Two: Cinderella, Chow won best actor from the Hong Kong Critics' Society), Sixty Million Dollar Man (also 1995), Forbidden City Cop and The God of Cookery (both 1996), Lawyer, Lawyer (1997) with Karen Mok, The Lucky Guy (1998) with Shu Qi. Chow produced, wrote, directed, and starred in Shaolin Soccer (2001)- which broke all box office records, and won the Hong Kong film awards for Best Film, and for Chow Best Director and Best Actor.  His following film, Kung Fu Hustle (2004), which he also produced, wrote,directed, and starred,  surpassed his previous box office records.  Both films crossed over to the United States. He last appeared on screen in 2008's CJ7, a children's film which he again produced, wrote, directed (he also appeared in the film, but his character was killed early on).

In From Beijing With Love, Chow plays dumb but cool as pork vendor/secret agent Ling Ling Chat, a forgotten Mainland agent called into action when Golden Gun steals the cranium of China's only dinosaur fossil. Sent to Hong Kong by a high-ranking government official to recover it; he contacts Siu Kam- however she turns out to be a double-agent working for Golden Gun (who is actuality the government official who sent him in the first place). Golden Gun instructs Siu Kam to send 007 on a false leads and to assassinate him.

Must be seen to be believed: the film is filled with wild sight gags, physical and verbal humor; exciting action; out of place extreme violence; and heart-touching romance.


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